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introtoservices-interior-leftEmberWood Center offers an array of services, including positive youth development, prevention, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programming. Not everyone who walks through our doors is suffering from addiction. Some people are concerned about their own use of alcohol and other drugs, but sometimes it is the parent or spouse who is concerned about substance use by family members. Many individuals are ordered into treatment by the courts or probation as a condition for the return of their children. Schools may make referrals based on behaviors that violate school policy. Some young people are looking for the martial arts activities we sponsor to keep them away from negative influences. There are many circumstances that lead individuals to our center; regardless of the details, we treat everyone with respect and dignity and with the goal of preserving integrity.

For those needing treatment services, the cornerstone of any effective program is a quality assessment. Our assessments take the entire individual into intro-interior-rightaccount, including the family and social environments that surround them. When dealing with a disease such as addiction, which has biological, psychological and social components, it is critical to take a holistic approach.

The comprehensive assessment allows us to target services and a treatment plan according to the individual’s needs and situation. There are a wide variety of approaches to treatment and recovery, and we believe that the best approach is to provide services individually tailored to the needs of the person and his or her family.

EmberWood Center offers separate programming for adolescents and adults. We utilized evidence-based approaches based on solid research, and we also believe that self-help groups are critical to anyone’s ongoing recovery.

When clients have successfully completed our program, they may return for the Social Support groups free of charge for up to one year.



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Treatment - Recovery - Transformation

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